Waiting Room Touch Screen Educational Games

Touch Screen Games and Dental Information for Dentist Office Waiting Rooms

Dental Game Suite

Educational Waiting Room Touch Screen GamesAdd enjoyment and education to your dentist office waiting room. From information about the teeth, dental health, and dental tools, to dental hygiene, oral diseases and a dental term dictionary, your dental office can provide information to your patients in an entertaining way.

Make your dentist's office waiting room a fun place to play and learn with this Dental Game Suite.

Our suite of dental games includes:

Word Find (2 games, Teeth and Dental Tools)

Pop Quiz (3 games, Dental Hygiene, Oral Diseases, and Dental Correction)

Think Twice (2 games, Healthy Foods and How Many Teeth?)

Pick Quick (Easy and fun game for Pre-Ks with voice asking dental questions)

Term Viewer (Dental term dictionary with categories, The Teeth, Dental Terms, Orthodontics, and Dental Specialists)


Word Find Touch Screen Game by point2explore.com Pop Quiz Touch Screen Educational Game by point2explore.com
Pick Quick Pre-K Touch Screen Game Touch Screen Dictionary Program by point2explore.com