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Touch Screen Kiosks & Computers for Office Lounges and Play Areas

The touch screen computer system you use in your medical waiting room needs to be secure and easy to use. We offer a variety of kiosk housings and all-in-one Panel PC units to accommodate the various needs for both space and design. 

CD Meyer has designed a line of kiosk computer enclosures that are affordable, attractive, and durable. Our kiosks are ADA compliant and easy to set up and maintain. Along with the standard, stand up kiosk units, we offer desktop kiosks and an "all-in-one" computer/touch screen unit. This small unit is very affordable and versitile. 

Our touch screen software will run on a standard computer PC running Windows™. Although the user interface can be a simple mouse or track ball, a touch screen monitor interface is recommended. The touch screen interface is unique, it’s fun to use, and it makes your waiting room games different from the typical home game experience. Our experience with touch screen technology is extensive and we highly recommend using a touch screen monitor in a public kiosk. Most of our existing games do not require a keyboard, which makes the kiosk less susceptible to malicious acts.


DENALI - Metal
Touch Screen Kiosk
Touch Screen Kiosk
Touch Screen Kiosk
NAVAJO - Metal
Touch Screen Kiosk


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