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Educational Games for Children's Waiting Rooms


Word Find

This classic game randomly arranges your list of words in the grid of letters and will be a hit in your office waiting room.  Product names, services, names, or any lists up to three categories can be included.  When a word is found in the grid, a fact or photo related to the word is displayed.  This game will be a hit in your kid's waiting room.

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Pop Quiz

This multiple choice quiz game is lots of fun and will be an educational addition to your waiting room. Include questions about your practice, specialty, etc. You can even categorize your questions to include a choice of quizzes. The game displays a grouping of random questions with their multiple choice answers. If you need help, the game can give you a hint or erase one of the wrong answers. 

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Pick Quick

This game was designed specifically for Pre-K children with larger buttons (for small hands) and a voice narration. The game is simple but very educational and fun. You provide a series of questions with two multiple choice, visual answers. The game verbally asks the question and presents the two answer buttons with large images. 

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Think Twice

Reminiscent of the "Concentration" card game, this game deals out hidden pairs of "cards" along with a wild card. Match images of products, people, locations, or any promotional images. The player is challenged to find as many pairs as possible in a pre-determined time period. When a match is made, the timer pauses and a fact or image related to the match is displayed. When time runs out, the game stores the scores and names. 

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